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Yousef Alasfour:

-D.O.B: 1966.
-Qualification: Bachelor of B.A.
-Participated in Photographer Touch exhibition 1997.
-Participated in the Frame exhibition 1998.
-Member in the Kuwaiti Photographers Team (KPT).
-Seventh winner in SAS HOTEL competition 97.
-Fourth winner of the Envirinmental Protection Society compotion 98.
-Second winner in the KAFS Competition 98.
-First winner of the P.A.Y.S. 1999.
-First winner of the photo competition KFAS 1999.
- Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) Photographic compotition - March 2000:
Mandatory compotition- 1st Winner.
+ Optional compotition- 4th Winner.